just ran 10k for the first time, in a little over an hour! pretty pleased with that :) 

also i had porridge for breakfast for the first time this morning, which was exciting - i topped it with hazelnut syrup, peanut butter and chopped pecans and it’s kept me full since 6.30 this morning :D 


These sweet potato fries were so good. Adapted from @siobhano_ ‘s chunky sweet potato fries. My whole fam licked the plate clean :).

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i’m back! 

obviously i haven’t been posting on this blog much at all lately, and that’s because i’ve been having some personal problems, among other things with my eating habits. but i’m battling through that and i’m at a place now where i wanna be blogging about good food and endorphins again! this time around i wanna really get to know my followers and be super super active on this blog. also, from now on (if it wasn’t before) this blog is 10000% body-positive and (all kinds of) food positive - you’ll find no mention of “excess fat” or “cheat meals” or “low carb” here, I promise <3 

come say hi :) xxxx

fresh baked oatmeal with yoghurt, natural peanut butter and chopped pecan nuts :)

pm snacks :) graze is my fave

my legs and ass are literally killing me after cardio last night o m g 


Healthy Lunch Ideas: Chicken Goat-Cheese Quesadillas. Recipe


whoever decided to put chocolate syrup in coffee was really making a mochary of lattes


can we please talk about the fact that a flat stomach is as ridiculous and arbitrary a standard for attractiveness as a thigh gap thanks